Painting Wall Panel Heater

1000W Electric Heating Painting Wall Panel Heater

Item No.: NH-P1000
Size: 1200(L) x1000(W) x25mm(H)
Power: 1000W
Maximum Temperature: 85 degree
Material: aluminum
Heating Element: carbon fiber
Heating area: 12 sqm
Heating speed: 2 minutes
Performance: anti-fire, no dry air
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                          1000W Electric Heating Painting Wall Panel Heater

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Product name        1000w Electric Heating Painting Wall Panel Heater
Model    NH-P1000
Heating area   12 square meters
Dimension     1200mm(L) x1000(W)mm x25mm(H), total 2panels combined, total 1000W (each panel is 500w)
Consisited    by 2 panels, 1 thermostat, 1 power cord and 1 concealed connecting plug.
Material   aircraft grade aluminum (anti-fire)
Surface temperature   85 degree centigrade
Heating protection   The heater itself has over-heat protection function. When the detected temperature is over 85 degree, the heater will automatically power off.
Surface treatment   electrostatic spray, anti-scald
Heating element   high-tech material carbon fiber
Safety performance   Each heater will have to pass the 3750V high-voltage test before delivery to assure its safety.
Working life   more than 30 years
Heating method   far infrared radiating, no oil, no light, no electromagnetic radiation , no wind, no dry air, no dust and mute working.
Heating speed   very fast, only need 2 minutes the panel is heated up.
Heat transfer rate   99%. far infrared heater panel's heat transfer rate can reach 99%.
Function   Warming and decoration
Application   Living room, bedroom, office, hotel, restaurant, school, yoga room, hospital, etc.
Warranty   2 years free warranty
Other function   Healthcare function. Far infrared rays released from carbon fiber heating can promote blood circulation, and enhancing the immunity of human body.
Certifications   SGS, TUV, ISO, CCC, CE and ROHS certifications
Performance   This kind of infrared heater does not consume much electricity compared to traditional heaters. Heating of the room by far infrared rays radiating, they have a beneficial effect on the person and do not heat the air, but the objects around, thereby distributing heat evenly. This can bring a much better heating experience, no forced wind, no dry air, no dust and mute working. Even for pregnant women, infants and children, they are also a good choice.
PS   In order to reach the best body warming experience, the suggested setting temperature is from 16 to 20℃.
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