About Us

Company History

In 2001, we started the research and development of carbon fiber heating products.
In 2007, electric heating Mural and electric floor heating products were launched into the market.
In 2008, livestock barn heating equipment such as the piglet warming bed was launched.
In 2009, wall hanging electric room heaters were successfully developed. Meanwhile, we got the first 3C(china compulsory certification) certificate for our carbon fiber heating products. This is also China’s first 3C certificate in this industry.
In 2011, portable electric room heater and painting wall panel heater were launched into the market, and meanwhile our company was invited as one of the author for industry standard of China’s “Carton Fiber Heating Wire Used on Buildings” and “Construction Textbook for China’s Floor Heating System”.
In 2012, SUNKING was awarded as the top 10 brand in China floor heating industry.
In 2014, apply intelligent variable frequency control technology into our carbon fiber heating electric room heaters. According to the test report made by Henan Energy Conservation Center, our carbon fiber electric heater can save 40.94% power consumption by comparing with the common electric oil heater in the market.
In 2015, we applied WIFI remote control technology into electric heaters successfully.
In 2016 and 2017, based on the background that air pollution control led by the government, our company has successfully done many projects of complete electric heating solutions for schools, business buildings, office buildings and residential areas, etc.