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Update time : 2019-10-27 10:09:28
Sunking Carbon Fiber Eelectric heaters advantages:

1. Fast heating, within 2 minutes temperature can be up to the rated temperature.

2. Imported carbon fiber long wire as the heating material, electricity and heat conversion up to 98%

3. Intelligent Frequency. Accurate Electronic Frequency Conversion Control system makes the heater into frequency conversing mode when room temperature reaches the rated comfortable temperatur, which greatly save electricity.

4. Scientific appearance design, magnium and Aluminum body makes sure the heat dissipation increased by times

5. Pearl white color, fine and clean suitable for any of your need.

6. Far infrared light makes sure you can achieve both comfort and health.

7.Romote controller give you the right to control the temperature anywhere you are.

8. No electric motor, so no noise, no smoke, no pollution, make your home clean and clear

9. Energy saving cuts your cost of being warm swiftly.
Its advantages are pollution-free, clean, energy saving and environmental protection, warm and comfortable, safe and durable. It is especially suitable for the government to promote it to residents' families and pubics, just as kindergarten ,school ,goverment office, livestock breeding etc.You can also promote this program to the residents as a government welfare. home, office, hotel, restaurant, school, yoga room, bathroom, hospital, petrol or gas station, industry heat preservation and vegetable greenhouse, etc