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SUNKING HEAER Shines at Henan “Coal to Electricity, Blue Sky Protection” Meeting

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Update time : 2018-09-21 11:47:58
SUNKING HEAER Shines at Henan “Coal to Electricity, Blue Sky Protection” Meeting
China has instituted a three-year action to limit pollution levels, that’s to say, within three years, air pollution in China's key urban areas will be significantly reduced, resulting in more blue-sky days, by shrinking outdated production capacity and the use of substandard coal, as part of efforts to change energy consumption and the industrial structure.
Especially for village residential area, burning coal will be completely banned 3 years later. In these years, the government is encouraging people to use electricity and gas to keep warm in winter. And the government invests around 100 billion RMB to help people on this issue.
Speaking of our province Henan, the government pays great attention and already get outstanding achievement regarding its 2018 Coal to Electricity task. On September 17th of 2018, a meeting about Coal to Electricity Project of Henan was held at Anyang Guesthouse Hotel. At the meeting, the related leaders discuss the current situation of the project and exchange their views of how to go on further plan of the three-year action.
At the meeting, Henan Zhonghuang Energy Saving Electrical Appliances Co, Ltd (SUNKING HEATER) was invited and made an introduction of their carbon fiber electric green heating solutions of their successful projects at schools, business buildings and village residential areas, etc. And received cheers of the participants.
SUNKING HEATER is a top brand for new generation carbon fiber far infrared heating electric room heater products in China. It’s main products include electric wall panel heaters, electric wall mount heaters, electric portable heaters and electric radiator heaters, etc.. Due to their prominent instant heating property and outstanding energy-saving performance, they are widely recognized by people and be used at their home and bedroom popularly.

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