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How to Use Electric Room Radiator Heaters Efficiently

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Update time : 2018-08-24 17:47:49
How to Use Electric Room Radiator Heaters Efficiently

Every winter central heating system will cost much energy bills of each family, so gradually lots of people buy electric room radiator heaters and use at home. In this way, they can set the temperature they want by themselves and control the power on and off of the heaters.
Below are several tips of how to use electric room radiator heaters efficiently to save money.
Firstly, maximize your energy savings by choosing the right radiator heater. As a new generation heating products, carbon fiber heaters are more and more widely used in families due to it’s high efficiency and energy saving property. This might be a better choice.
Second, check wattage and size rating listed on the electric radiator heater (similar-seeming models can vary in terms of wattage) and choose the right radiator heater for the size of your room. Do not use a big wattage heater in a small room.
Third, look for a electric room radiator heater with an automatic temperature control and timer, so you don't overheat the room or constantly switch the unit on and off. 
Fourth, set the suitable room temperature. The instruction book will advise the optimal room temperature to be set. Usually 1 degree centigrade be increased, 10% electricity consumption will cost extra. So do not hanker after a too-warm indoor temperature.

Fifth, when using the heater, pay attention that do not cover the heater by clothes or blanket. As this can not only prevent the heat transfer, but also can cause danger to the user.
Last but not least, it will be great if your house is an energy-saving building. This will help you save big amount of heat lost.
They are many different kinds of electric room radiator heaters, such as horizontal wall mount room heaters, vertical wall hanging electric room radiators, portable and standing electric room heater, etc. Just choose the suitable one that you like.

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