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How to Use Electric Room Heater Safely?

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Update time : 2018-07-26 17:44:56
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How to Use Electric Room Heater Safely?

In cold winter we will unavoidably use kinds of electric room heaters like carbon fiber heater, electric space heater, oil heater and fan heater, etc. Here several tips as below need us to pay attention when using the electric room heaters.   
Never operate a electric room heater you suspect is damaged. Before use, inspect the heater, cord, and plug for damage. Follow all operation and maintenance instructions.

Keep combustible material such as beds, sofas, curtains, papers, and clothes at least 0.9m from the front, sides, and rear of the electric room heater.

Be sure the heater plug fits tightly into the wall outlet. If not, do not use the outlet to power the electric heater.

During use, check frequently to determine if the heater plug or cord, wall outlet, or faceplate is HOT! If the plug, outlet, or faceplate is hot, discontinue use of the heater, and have a qualified electrician check and/or replace the plug or faulty wall outlet. If the cord is hot, disconnect the electric heater, and have it inspected or repaired by an authorized repair person.

Never power the electric heater with an extension cord or power strip.

Insure that the electric heater is placed on a stable, level surface, and located where it will not be knocked over.

When purchasing an electric heater, ask the salesperson whether the heater has been safety-certified. A certified heater will have a safety certification mark.
Never run the electric heater’s cord under rugs or carpeting. This can damage the cord, causing it and nearby objects to burn.

To prevent electrical shocks and electrocutions, always keep electric heaters away from water, and NEVER touch an electric heater if you are wet.

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