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Do you know Carbon Fiber?

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Update time : 2018-08-07 14:43:28
Do you know Carbon Fiber?
Carbon fiber is a new kind high strength fiber material with carbon content more that 98%. It is an important material used in aircraft and military area. In these years, carbon fiber is gradually recognized by common people and used more and more widely in different industries.
Working principle of carbon fiber is that, the electricity triggers the impact and friction of carbon atoms to do Brownian movement and further produces the thermal energy .
As a new kind high tech material, carbon fiber has many prominent properties like below:
1. Weight is less than aluminum, but strength is higher than steel.

2. Prominent acid and alkali resistant property. There was a test said that scientists put carbon fiber in strong acid and alkali liquid and after 30years their performance was found still not effected.

3. Ultra high temperature resistant.

4. Excellent electrical and thermal conducting performance. Transfer rate from electricity to heat can reach 99%. And carbon fiber can realize instant heating.

5. Good electromagnetic shielding property.

6. During heating, carbon fiber can release big volume far infrared rays which are good to human body. It can promote blood circulation, and enhancing the immunity of human body.
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