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Advantages of Carbon Fiber Infrared Electric Room Heater

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Update time : 2018-08-10 11:21:22
Advantages of Carbon Fiber Infrared Electric Room Heater
Firstly let we have an idea of what is carbon fiber infrared electric room heater. Like common electric heaters, carbon fiber heater also uses electricity to run, while the main difference is its heating element. Unlike other electric room heaters such as water radiator, oil heaters, fan heaters, convector heaters and baseboard heaters which use water, oil and metal material as the heating element, carbon fiber heater uses carbon fiber as its heating element.
Carbon fiber is a new kind high strength fiber material with carbon content more that 98%. It is an important material used in aircraft and military area. In these years, carbon fiber is gradually recognized by common people and used more and more widely in different industries.
Based on this core, this kind of new generation carbon fiber infrared electric room heater own several prominent properties like below:  

a. 3 seconds instant heating
Carbon fiber has a key property of instant heating. Do not like metal, there is no thermal conducting process on carbon fiber, of which all the carbon wires can be heated instantly and wholly, so its heating speed is very fast. Working principle of carbon fiber heating is that, the electricity triggers the impact and friction of carbon atoms to do Brownian movement and further produces the thermal energy. Normally within 2 minutes the surface temperature of the carbon fiber electric room heater can reach around 100 degree centigrade.

instant heating carbon fiber,carbon wires
b. Energy saving 40.94%
Due to the excellent electrical and thermal conducting performance of carbon fiber, its transfer rate from electricity to heat can reach 99%, almost no heat loss during the heat transfer. Together with our patented aluminum alloy structure design and intelligent variable frequency control technology, SUNKING Heaters get an outstanding energy saving effect. We had done a test made by China Henan Quality Supervising and Test Center For Energy-saving Appliances in 2014 and the test report says that SUNKING carbon fiber electric room heater can save 40.94% power consumption by comparing with the common electric oil heater in the market.  

c. 30 years without maintenance
Carbon fiber has prominent acid and alkali resistant property. There was a test said that scientists put carbon fiber in strong acid and alkali liquid and after 30years their performance was found still not effected. What’s more, carbon fiber can resistant ultra high temperature. Thanks to its good property, carbon fiber can continuously be heated more than 100,000 hours. SUNKING adopts the original long fiber carbon as heating wires, and quantity of wire connection joints are less and durable. Plus special technology treatment of the protection layer of carbon wires and inner structure design, SUNKING heaters are very strong. They can continuously work a whole winter and do not need to power off. What need you do is just turn on and set the temperature. It is very easy to operate, no need any technical skills and daily maintenance.       

d. no oil, no noise, no dry air
Unlike the air conditioner, carbon fiber heater heat the room by high efficiency radiating, so there is no wind. Also because infrared radiating, the heater is very quite during work. When heating, the heater do not absorb the oxygen and moisture in the air, so there is no dry air. Thanks to the stable performance of carbon fiber, it always keep it’s original state and do not produce any light during work, which is different from the fan heater. Besides, carbon fiber also has a good electromagnetic shielding property. For SUNKING carbon fiber infrared electric room heaters, they use far infrared heating, eco-design, no oil, no water, no light, no wind, no electromagnetic radiation, no dry air, no dust and work very quiet. They are especially a better choice for pregnant women and children. 

e. far infrared ray healthcare function
Far Infrared is a kind of Infrared which is optimally absorbed by water and human skin surface(80% water), where the warmth is readily absorbed by conduction into the tissue and blood and transported around the body. For this reason, it’s also called “the light of life”. During heating, carbon fiber can release big volume far infrared rays which are good to human body. It can promote blood circulation, and enhancing the immunity of human body.
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