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“Opportunity for Green Heating” – Zhonghuang annual seminar is successfully held !

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Update time : 2018-08-20 16:56:01

“Opportunity for Green Heating” – Zhonghuang annual seminar is successfully held !
From Aug. 18 to 19 of 2018, annual seminar of Zhonghuang(Sunking Heater) with the subject as “Opportunity for Green Heating” is successfully held at Wangwushan Hotel, Jiyuan city, Henan, China. More than 150 experts and agents in the industry take part in this meeting. During the meeting they exchange their ideas for current carbon fiber heating industry and prospect it’s future development .
In recent years, China government pay more and more attention for green heating. They even give order and say that the old heating methods such as burning coal should be gradually be banned. And the deadline is 3 years later. From 2018 to 2010, all the factory, the public buildings and residential area, should stop burning coal and use electricity as the main heating method. Of course, gas heating is also encouraged.
Actually based on this background, Henan Zhonghuang Energy-saving Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. (Jiyuan Sunking Electric Heating Co., Ltd) has already successfully done many projects of complete electric heating solutions for schools, business buildings, office buildings and residential areas, etc., and has gained good recognition and reputation. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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