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Differences of Carbon Crystal Panel Heater and Carbon Fiber Panel Heater

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Update time : 2018-08-19 17:46:58
Differences of Carbon Crystal Panel Heater and Carbon Fiber Panel Heater
As emerging new products, carbon crystal panel heater and carbon fiber panel heater are gradually known by more and more people. These electric heating wall mount panel heaters have been more and more widely used in home, office, hotel, restaurant, school, yoga room, bathroom and hospital, etc. But still lots of people can not know well of the differences of carbon crystal panel heaters and carbon fiber panel heaters.
At the beginning let us make their concepts clear. Actually both of the carbon fiber and carbon crystal materials are belong to carbon fiber. Usually we say carbon fiber means the original long fiber carbon, while the carbon crystal means the scattered short fiber. As short fibers are scattered, so they need to be combined with other material like PE or epoxy resin or other materials so as to be a full unit. In the market, carbon fiber occur in the form of carbon fiber heating wires, but carbon crystal always occur in the form of a panel. That’s why we always refer to a panel when we say carbon crystal. We can say carbon crystal is a panel made by combination of short fiber(leftover material of original long fiber) and epoxy resin or PE or other materials. To say it simply, we can compare the carbon fiber to a solid wood furniture made by the main trunk of a tree, but carbon crystal are made by the wood fragments together with other compositions.

carbon fiber and carbon crystal
Now let’s see the actual performances and functions of these two kinds of electric heating wall panel heaters. 
Firstly, both carbon crystal panel heaters and carbon fiber panel heaters can realize fast heating. Within 30 seconds the heater surface temperature can reach around 85 degree centigrade. This is attributed to the good property of carbon fiber material.
Secondly, both of these two kinds of panel heaters have far infrared ray healthcare function. During heating, carbon fiber can release big volume far infrared rays which are good to human body. It can promote blood circulation, and enhancing the immunity of human body.
Third, carbon fiber panel heater uses original long fiber carbon, based on its good electric resistance value, the heater has a steady performance and there is no power attenuation occur after using many years. But carbon crystal panel heater uses scattered short fiber, of which the resistance value is not steady, usually power attenuation will occur after using 6 months, this will lead to bad heating efficiency. Besides, we suggest using an ammeter to test the actual power of the carbon crystal panel when you are buying it. Due to messy compositions and technical limits of carbon crystal panels, many of their actual power are beyond the permissible error. For a so called 500W carbon crystal panel heater, its actual running power maybe only 400W. So pay more attention to this.     
Forth, carbon fiber heater can resistant ultra high temperature, but carbon crystal heater can not. As carbon crystals are inlaid in PE or epoxy resin, heating is not even and local high temperature is easily occur, so the working life of carbon crystal heater is badly effected. What’s worse, for most of the carbon crystal heaters in the market, as their front and back cover are ABS material and common insulation board, once short circuit or even local high temperature occur, they have the risk of being catch fire. In China there were the cases that carbon crystal heaters caught fire and brought damage to the family. As for carbon fiber heaters, due to even heating and high temperature resistant property, they are much safer.
As a professional manufacturer of carbon fiber heating products since 2001, SUNKING HEATER has already become the top brand in China several years before. Check below advantages of SUNKING carbon fiber wall panel heater for your kind reference.
a. Use original long fiber carbon as heating element, has steady performance and long working life, no power attenuation;
b. Aluminum alloy frame and body, high strength;
c. Patented inner structure and technical design;
d. Patented concealed connecting plug;
e. Over-heat protection;
f. Flame retardant material, anti-fire;
g. 3750V high-voltage test to assure the safety.
h. no daily maintenance.
Based on unique technical design, SUNKING carbon fiber wall panel heater has gained wide recognition and reputation across China. We already do more than 150,000 pcs panel heaters for government tender project for schools and residential buildings in recent years, till now there is no quality issue, no complaint, no after sale service requirement. Trust our products can satisfy you well and welcome to contact us for cooperation.